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Ben Foster Alleges Collusion Between Sky Sports and PGMOL in Liverpool-Tottenham VAR Controversy

Ben Foster’s Claim

In a startling revelation, former Premier League goalkeeper Ben Foster has ignited a firestorm of controversy by suggesting that there may have been a coordinated effort between Sky Sports and the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) to hush up a VAR blunder during the Liverpool-Tottenham Hotspur match. This assertion has sent shockwaves through the football community, and here’s an overview of the situation.

The VAR Mistake: A Costly Error

During the Liverpool vs. Tottenham Hotspur match, VAR referee Darren England made a pivotal mistake when he misinterpreted an on-field decision. This error resulted in the disallowance of a valid goal scored by Liverpool’s Luis Diaz, all due to an erroneous offside decision. Understandably, this blunder prompted substantial criticism of the referees’ organization.

The incident also fueled various online conspiracy theories, with some suggesting that Liverpool may have been unfairly targeted by the football governing body. Now, Ben Foster, a former England international goalkeeper, has added weight to these speculations by claiming that Sky Sports might have been influenced by PGMOL and its VAR officials to exclude replays of the incident during the live broadcast.

Ben Foster’s Accusation: Possible Collusion Between Sky Sports and PGMOL

According to Foster, Sky Sports refrained from airing any replays of the VAR blunder for the remainder of the first half of the match. Additionally, they avoided discussing the incident during halftime until just ten seconds before the start of the second half. Foster asserts that this behavior implies a close relationship between Sky Sports and the individuals at VAR and PGMOL.

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Foster stated, “This suggests to me that Sky Sports may have had some level of cooperation with the VAR and PGMOL. It’s possible that they received instructions not to draw attention to the fact that an error was made. They might have been told not to air it, criticize it, or discuss it. I firmly believe that this is the reason why Sky Sports refrained from saying a single word about it.”

PGMOL’s Response: Denial of Allegations

In response to Ben Foster’s allegations, PGMOL has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, specifically, any collaboration with Sky Sports to suppress information. They have clarified that television executives possess complete control over content selection and hiring decisions. Reports further indicate that only the Premier League’s match center supplies information to broadcasters, making it improbable for PGMOL to exert control over the narrative.

What Lies Ahead?

Following the controversy, VAR officials Darren England and Dan Cook have been withdrawn from future Premier League matches. Darren England, in particular, is set to be barred from officiating Liverpool matches for the remainder of the season. The repercussions of this VAR blunder continue to reverberate through the football world, raising concerns about the transparency and accountability of officiating decisions.

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Ben Foster’s explosive claim of potential collusion between Sky Sports and PGMOL in concealing the Liverpool-Tottenham VAR blunder has ignited a fervent debate. While Foster firmly holds this belief, PGMOL staunchly refutes any allegations of impropriety. This incident underscores the scrutiny and controversies that can arise from VAR technology in modern football.

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