Saudi Pro League RULE OUT attempt to tempt Mohamed Salah away from Liverpool

Saudi Pro League RULE OUT attempt to tempt Mohamed Salah away from Liverpool

The prospect of Mohamed Salah leaving Liverpool in January has been unequivocally ruled out by the Saudi Pro League, dispelling any notions of a renewed attempt to sign the Reds’ star player. Earlier this year, Al-Ittihad had made headlines with a staggering ÂŁ200 million bid for the 31-year-old forward during the summer transfer window, which Liverpool promptly rejected.

Saudi Pro League RULE OUT attempt to tempt Mohamed Salah

Michael Emenalo, the director of football for the Saudi league, has now affirmed that there will be no persistent pursuit of Salah in the upcoming transfer window. Speaking to Sky Sports, Emenalo emphasized the league’s respect for Liverpool and Salah’s current standing at the historic club. He drew comparisons with football luminaries like Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kevin De Bruyne, stating that the league is open to considering players of such caliber when there is an indication of their availability.

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However, Emenalo acknowledged Salah’s contentment at Liverpool, describing it as a “historic, wonderful club.” He asserted that there is no intention to exert pressure on the player and emphasized the importance of aligned interests from all parties involved for any potential transfer. Emenalo expressed admiration for Salah as a player he previously recruited for Chelsea, highlighting the personal connection and the potential delight in having him in their league.

While acknowledging the hypothetical scenario of Salah becoming available, Emenalo reiterated that any initiative for a move would not originate from the Saudi league. He stressed the need for a mutual desire from both the player and the clubs involved. Despite the acknowledgment of Salah’s value, Emenalo concluded that the league respects Liverpool and would not take any action that could be perceived as imposing on the player or the club.

Given Salah’s outstanding performance in the current season, with 18 goal contributions in 16 matches, a January move appears highly unlikely. Liverpool’s position at the top of the Premier League table adds further weight to the improbability of such a transfer.

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In conclusion, the Saudi Pro League’s director of football has quashed any speculation regarding a January move for Mohamed Salah, underscoring the league’s respect for Liverpool and Salah’s contentment with his current club.

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