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Bayern Munich’s Kingsley Coman’s Lucky Double Delights Coach Tuchel

Bayern Munich’s Kingsley Coman Scores Twice with a Dash of Luck

In a recent Bayern Munich match, winger Kingsley Coman made headlines with a two-goal performance that helped secure a 3-0 victory against SC Freiburg. However, Coach Thomas Tuchel believes that luck played a role in Coman’s success. In this article, we’ll delve into Coman’s impressive performance and Tuchel’s perspective on it.

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Kingsley Coman’s Double Delight

Bayern Munich’s winger, Kingsley Coman, may not have been at the forefront of the team’s depth chart or scoring column, trailing behind teammates like Leroy Sané and Serge Gnabry. However, Coman’s recent display on the field turned heads as he netted two crucial goals, ultimately helping Bayern Munich secure a convincing 3-0 victory over SC Freiburg.

Coach Tuchel’s Take

Coach Thomas Tuchel expressed his satisfaction with Coman’s performance, acknowledging the winger’s contribution to the team. Tuchel noted that Coman played exceptionally well on the right side, actively participating in numerous dangerous situations. Despite his praise, Tuchel couldn’t help but feel that Lady Luck had a role to play in Coman’s two goals.

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Tuchel stated, “King played very well on the right side. He needed those goals and was involved in a lot of dangerous situations. He was a bit lucky in both goals, but he needed that. I said Friday that he was a bit behind in terms of goals and assists, so it was a perfect performance from him today.”

Coman’s Perspective

For Kingsley Coman, this performance might leave him feeling caught in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario under Coach Tuchel. However, regardless of how those goals were scored, they were undeniably crucial. Coman’s double strike not only boosted his own confidence but also demonstrated to his coach that he could make a significant impact on the scoresheet.

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Kingsley Coman’s two-goal effort, although sprinkled with a touch of luck, proved to be a valuable asset for Bayern Munich. It showcased his ability to contribute when it matters most and affirmed his presence in the team’s attacking arsenal.

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