Messi walks off in protest

Messi Walks Off in Protest: Brazil vs Argentina World Cup Qualifier Delayed Amidst Maracana Stadium Chaos

Messi Walks Off in Protest. The highly anticipated Brazil vs Argentina FIFA World Cup qualifier match turned chaotic as clashes erupted among rival supporters in Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Maracana Stadium. The kickoff, scheduled for 6 AM (IST), faced a 30-minute delay due to disturbances in the stands, setting the stage for an unexpected turn of events.

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The Stadium Uproar: Clash Among Fans Delays Kickoff

The Maracana Stadium, known for hosting historic football clashes, witnessed scenes of disorder as Brazil and Argentina supporters engaged in physical altercations. The match, poised to be a blockbuster between South American football giants, faced an unforeseen delay.

Messi Takes a Stand: Messi Walks Off in Protest with Teammates in Protest

As tensions flared in the stands, Lionel Messi, the captain of the Argentina side, was seen pointing towards the scuffle. Displeased with the situation, Messi made a bold decision to walk off the pitch along with the rest of his teammates, expressing their refusal to play amidst the chaos.

Police Intervention Escalates Tensions: Lathi Charge and Unrest

With the situation escalating, local police intervened to quell the crowd’s trouble, resorting to a lathi charge. The disturbing visuals showed police beating back Argentina fans with batons, further intensifying the unrest in the stadium.

Resumption of Play: Argentina Returns to the Field

After a brief hiatus, Argentina’s players re-emerged onto the field, signaling a resumption of the match. The delayed kickoff finally took place at 6:30 AM (IST), marking a crucial moment in the ongoing FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

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Background: Maracana, the Scene of Past Glory for Argentina

The Maracana Stadium holds special significance for Argentina, as it was the venue where Ángel di Maria and Lionel Messi ended the team’s 28-year trophyless streak with a 1-0 win against Brazil in the Copa America final more than two years ago.

Current Standings and World Cup Implications

Both teams entered the match with recent defeats in the previous round of qualifying. Argentina leads the 10-team South American qualifying group with 12 points, while Brazil, in fifth position, aims to secure a crucial win to improve their standing for the upcoming World Cup.

Looking Ahead: World Cup 2026 and South American Qualification

A glance at the broader picture reveals the stakes involved, with the upcoming 2026 World Cup set to include 48 teams. The top six teams from South America will secure direct entry, while the seventh-place team has the opportunity to earn a berth through an intercontinental playoff.

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  1. What happened at Argentina vs Brazil today?
    • Brazil vs Argentina World Cup qualifier faced a 30-minute delay due to clashes among rival supporters in the Maracana Stadium.
  2. Why is Brazil v Argentina delayed?
    • The delay in the match was caused by disturbances in the stands, leading to clashes among Brazil and Argentina fans in the Maracana Stadium.
  3. How many goals has Lionel Messi scored for Argentina?
    • Lionel Messi’s goal tally for Argentina can be constantly changing, but you can check the latest statistics from reputable sports sources.
  4. Why did Brazil and Argentina fight?
    • The physical altercations between Brazil and Argentina fans in the Maracana Stadium escalated, prompting a lathi charge by local police and causing disruption in the match proceedings.

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