Now Messi-Ronaldo showdown in the Saudi Pro League

Now Messi-Ronaldo showdown in the Saudi Pro League

In a surprising revelation, Lionel Messi recently confessed that post his departure from Paris Saint-Germain, he seriously contemplated the prospect of joining Cristiano Ronaldo in the highly competitive Saudi Pro League. The Argentine captain disclosed that, when his attempts to return to Barcelona didn’t materialize, he weighed the options of either venturing into Major League Soccer (MLS) or embracing the challenges of the Saudi league.

Messi-Ronaldo Now showdown in Saudi Pro League

In an interview with Time, Messi stated, “Both MLS and the Saudi league options seemed very interesting to me.” This disclosure comes in the wake of Messi bidding adieu to Paris Saint-Germain and opting to don the jersey of Inter Miami during the summer transfer window. His move to the United States has significantly elevated the profile and popularity of the MLS.

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Since his arrival in July, Messi has played a pivotal role in securing the Leagues Cup title for Inter Miami. Furthermore, his influence extends beyond the pitch, as he played a key role in persuading former Barcelona stalwarts such as Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets to join the ranks of the David Beckham-owned club.

Had Messi chosen the Saudi league, football enthusiasts would have witnessed a historic showdown between arguably the two greatest footballers on the planet. Ronaldo, who inked a two-year deal with Al Nassr in December 2022, would have been pitted against Messi on the football pitch, creating a spectacle for fans worldwide.

Currently enjoying a rare break after the conclusion of the MLS season, Messi is gearing up for Inter Miami’s first preseason friendly against El Salvador on January 19, 2024. Speculations abound that he might soon be reunited with another former Barcelona teammate, Luis Suarez, who, despite hints of retirement due to a nagging knee issue, is anticipated to join Messi in Miami for a single season.

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In conclusion, Messi’s contemplation of the Saudi Pro League and the potential reunion with Suarez add intriguing dimensions to his already illustrious career, leaving fans to ponder the missed opportunity for a captivating Messi-Ronaldo showdown. The decision to join Inter Miami has not only bolstered the MLS but has also set the stage for exciting possibilities in the upcoming season.

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