Steven Gerrard opens up on Cristiano Ronaldo joining Saudi Pro League

Steven Gerrard’s Perspective on Cristiano Ronaldo Joining Saudi Pro League

Steven Gerrard, the former English midfielder and current manager of Al Ettifaq, recently opened up about Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to join Saudi Arabia’s professional football league. In a candid interview with the Saudi Pro League, Gerrard expressed his admiration for Ronaldo, whom he considers one of the best players in the history of the game. This article delves into Gerrard’s perspective on Ronaldo’s impact on the league, his own experience in Saudi football, and the evolving dynamics of the sport.

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Ronaldo’s Impact on Saudi Football

Steven Gerrard spoke highly of Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to the Al Nassr club, dubbing him “The GOAT” and acknowledging the significant impact it had on the sport. Gerrard revealed that Ronaldo’s presence not only elevated the league’s popularity but also attracted other renowned players, enhancing the overall talent pool.

Steven Gerrard Fascination and Decision to Join Saudi Football

Gerrard, during the interview, disclosed that he closely monitored Ronaldo’s performance in the league for six months before deciding to explore opportunities in the Gulf area. The timing coincided with Gerrard being between roles in football, and witnessing the league’s transformation prompted him to consider managerial opportunities in Saudi football.

Ronaldo and Gerrard: A Tale of Transitions

While Ronaldo made headlines with a historic €200 million deal with Al Nassr, Steven Gerrard embarked on his managerial journey with Al Ettifaq. The seasoned midfielder, now in the role of a manager, found the proposal from Al Ettifaq intriguing, citing the passion of the board and the recognition of the club’s need for a substantial rebuilding process.

Building a Project on and off the Pitch

Gerrard emphasized the importance of time in his role, acknowledging the challenges of rebuilding a team that finished seventh in the league. Describing it as a long-term project, he highlighted the need for changes both on and off the pitch to provide comprehensive support to the first team.

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1. How old did Gerrard retire?

  • Steven Gerrard retired from professional football at the age of 36.

2. What age did Gerrard become Liverpool captain?

  • Steven Gerrard became the captain of Liverpool at the age of 23.

3. How old is Gerrard?

  • As of now, Gerrard is 42 years old.

4. How heavy was Gerrard?

  • Steven Gerrard’s weight during his playing career was around 83 kilograms (183 pounds).

5. Why is Steven Gerrard so rich?

  • Gerrard accumulated wealth through his successful football career, endorsements, and later as a manager.

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